3 Types Of Air Duct Problems That Affect Heating And Cooling Efficiency

The air ducts in your home control the air flow of your central heating and air conditioning system. If there's a problem with the ducts, your system will not work efficiently. Such problems can also be costly as you turn up your system to compensate for the lack of air flow. Air duct problems can be caused by a number of reasons, including those listed below.

Poorly maintained ducts:

One reason why ducts fail is failure to do proper maintenance or failure to do it at the recommended intervals. Dust and other debris can accumulate and not only restrict air flow, but contribute to poor indoor air quality as dust, mold and pollen are circulated around the home. Having a professional clean and inspect your air and heating system regularly may also be a good way to check on other problems or damage within the system.

Collapsed or obstructed air ducts:

Broken or collapsed air ducts have a direct effect on how efficiently your system works. Soft or flexible ducts, such as those usually found in the attic, can easily collapse for a variety of reasons including depressurization, movement (such as an earthquake), excessive debris, roof damage or invasion by animals. Ducts can be obstructed by poor alignment or balance. Poorly designed or improperly installed air ducts may be prone to kinking or problems that physically restrict air flow.

Leaking air ducts:

Not only can leaks cause you to lose money simply by letting out your air-conditioned or heated air, but they can cause the system to become less efficient by affecting the pressure in the air duct system. Leaks can happen because of age, poor maintenance, weather issues or poor construction materials. Rusting connections may cause duct work to become loose and cause gaps and openings. Animals can also chew through soft air ducts. Flexible air ducts are easily damaged and torn. Ducts that are poorly insulated are also a common source of air leaks. Leaks can also happen at the registers inside your home.

Most people will find that regular maintenance, such as cleaning, may solve many of the inefficiency issues with their heating and air conditioning system. Mechanical issues, such as broken or obstructed air ducts or leaks, may need more work. It's important to fix problems while they are small rather than risk having to tear down walls to replace any of the ducts. Call a heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician, like those at Crystal Coast Heating & Air LLC, as soon as you think your system is working poorly to prevent more serious issues.

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