How to Insulate Your Furnace Ducts

Did you know that the furnace is actually responsible for the airflow of both your heating and air-conditioning system? Some homeowners mistakenly think that the furnace is only involved in the actual heating of their home. As a result, they fail to attribute AC problems to the furnace. However, there are several simple furnace repairs that can dramatically increase the efficiency of your central AC. This article explains one very simple but effective way to increase airflow into your home.

Insulating the Exposed Ducts

There will be a small section of the ducting that leads from your furnace into the walls of your home. Since the furnace is usually in a garage or basement, there is a chance that the ducts can get nudged or knocked loose. Even if they are properly installed and tight, they could still be inefficient if your furnace is in a room that doesn't have temperature control. For instance, during the cold winter, the exposed ducts can be affected by lower temperatures if your furnace is in your garage. So, you should invest in a roll of foam insulation. This is cheap and easy to apply. It is very itchy if it comes in contact with your skin, so wear long sleeves and gloves when working with it.

Applying the Tape and Insulation

It is always a good idea to reinforce the exposed ducts with a little bit of wool insulation and tape. First, you should use duct tape to seal each exposed seam before you add any insulation. After you wrap the ducts in the insulation, it will be hard to repair (or even identify) loose seams or air leaks, so it is smart to tape them beforehand. A couple of layers of tape can secure your ducts and reduce air leaks.

The insulation can be easily cut with large scissors or a utility knife. You want to use duct tape to securely tape the insulation to the ducts. If there is room, you can even double-wrap them to further prevent heat loss. Also, you should tape the ends of the insulation together. Basically, you want to make the ducts as warm and cozy as possible. When you are done, you shouldn't even be able to see any ducting, just the insulation.

This is an obviously simple job, but it can have a dramatic effect on the functionality of your furnace and AC condenser and ultimately save you some money.

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