Downed Power Lines Right In Front Of Your House? What To Do Next

Downed power lines are scary enough without having them come down right in front of your house. This is a very dangerous position indeed since all sorts of bad things can happen with the lines laying right in your front yard. Here is what you should do next when this happens to you:

Call the Power Company from Your Cellphone

It is important that you call the power company right away. DO NOT call from a landline phone, since the cables and wires for landline phones are either underground or next to the electrical lines above ground. While it is very rare, the surging power on the ground can look for an outlet into phone lines. The power can zap you if you pick up an affected landline. Use a cell phone instead; it is much safer and less risky.

DO NOT Step Outside

With tons volts of surging electricity coming through those downed lines, it does not take much to step down off your porch and be electrocuted. The force of the electrical power in those lines can travel within several feet of the bare wires. Stay inside until either the power company or an emergency electrical repair technician has rounded up the lines and lifted them off the ground. Definitely DO NOT step outside if it is raining! A wet human and downed power lines is akin to lightning and a lightning rod!

Avoid All of Your Outlets and Switches

If all of the power in your home went out with the downed lines, DO NOT touch any of your electrical switches or outlets. It is possible that your fuse box took on the surge of electricity and is quite fried at the moment. Additional current could still be surging through your electrical wires in the house, which means that attempting to flip a switch or plug something in could give you a little jolt or blow the entire switch/outlet permanently.

Have an Electrician Check Everything Inside the House after the "All Clear"

Once the power lines are repaired and back up where they are supposed to be, the power company should issue an "all clear" alert. Then you should get an electrician to come into the house and test everything to make sure there are no additional electrical issues. If he or she says it is okay to flip a switch or plug appliances back into the wall, then you are safe to do so. Until then, don't.

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