Why Your Second Floor Feels Warmer Than Your First Floor During The Summer

Do you have a two-story home and feel like your HVAC system is not cooling it evenly during the winter? While it is normal to have some temperature difference since heat rises, it shouldn't be so drastically different that you feel like the second floor is much less comfortable. Here are some reasons why the second floor feels so hot.

Not Enough Insulation

The hot temperatures of summer will naturally cause heat to come into your home through the roof and walls. The process is referred to as heat gain, and it is something that affects every home to some degree. If you have enough insulation in the walls and attic, the insulation material will absorb the heat rather than have it reach the inside of your home.

Failing insulation is what can cause that second floor to feel much hotter, because not only are there exterior walls, but you have the roof of your home as well. It creates a wide surface where heat gain can occur that your first floor doesn't have to deal with. It may be worth it to put more insulation in the attic and see if that can fix the problem.

Undersized Air Conditioner

Another reason that your second floor may feel warmer compared to the other parts of your house is due to the air conditioner itself. If you moved into the home and are using the old air conditioner, it's always possible that the previous owner never installed the correct air conditioner. They may have tried to cut costs and buy a cheaper model, not realizing that it would not be powerful enough to force the cold air up to the rooms on the second floor.

You'll need to have an HVAC contractor swap out the old unit with a new one. They will measure your home to get an accurate calculation on the total square footage of space to be cooled, and then figure out how powerful an air conditioner you need. If it is discovered that your current air conditioner is severely lacking, the HVAC contractor will recommend a new unit to give you proper cooling coverage.

Air Duct Leak

You should consider the possibility that the ductwork leading up to the second floor is leaking air. Your HVAC contractor can use a thermal camera to see inside the walls, and if a portion of the wall is significantly cooler than the rest of the walls when the air conditioner is running, then that means the found the source of the leak. Be prepared to open up some walls so that the ductwork can be repaired.

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