How To Get Your Commerical Property Cooler

Commercial properties can be great investments if you run them well, but they also come with some unexpected expenses too. If you have noticed that your building feels a little hotter than normal, then this article is just for you. From getting multiple units to adding new insulation to your building, this article will list a few ways to get your property feeling cooler. 

Get Multiple Units

One unit can only pump out so much cool air. If you just have one unit to cover an entire large commercial property, then it may not be doing the trick. Have an AC company come out to your place, measure the square footage, and determine just how many units you will need to cool the place properly. Depending on the size of the unit that you currently have in addition to the size of the space you are cooling, your AC company will decide what the best way to go is. 

Have Your Unit Tuned Up

Another thing that you will want to do is have your existing units tuned up. Sometimes when there is too much dust and dirt build-up in a unit, it can restrict how much cool air is going through. During your tune-up, your AC technician will clean all of the coils and change your air filter so that your unit is clean. 

Additionally, your AC company will also check the coolant on the unit and top it off if needs be. When your air conditioner doesn't have enough coolant in it, it will be almost impossible for it to create enough cool air to run through your property. 

Get New INsulation

Having a poorly insulated commercial property isn't going to do you and your utility bills any favors. If your building is old, you are probably losing a lot of cold air in the summer and a lot of hot air in the winter. The insulation process may be a bit intense, but it will be well worth it. Not only will they recommend things like getting new windows and doors, but an insulation company can also go through and add new insulation in your walls and the ceiling of your property. 

One of the hardest parts about being a landlord of a commercial property is making everyone happy. If you feel like your tenants are complaining a lot about having to work in a hot space, then it's time to look further into these things. To learn more, reach out to an AC maintenance company near you.

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