Signs That Your Furnace Needs Service

With winter on its way, the last thing you want is to have a broken furnace when the cold finally arrives. If you are thinking it's time to schedule an appointment for repairs or perhaps a new furnace installation, the following can help you make your decision. Read on to learn the signs that your furnace may be on the cusp of a major malfunction.

Uneven heating

This can manifest in a variety of ways. Most common is that parts of the home seem to heat better than others. Often, when a furnace begins to fail, the blower motor goes first. It may lose some of its power, so hot air may only make it to the rooms closest to the furnace on the main duct system. Another way you may experience uneven heating is if the furnace doesn't always warm the home to the same temperature each time it pops on. Instead, sometimes the house stays cold, and other times it gets warm. If either of these is occurring, you need to have your furnace checked. Sometimes all you need is a tune-up or a repair of a leak in the duct system. In some instances, though, it could mean you are on the cusp of a total furnace failure.

Strange noises

Most furnaces make a few strange noises, such as a popping sound when they come on. If the noises are much worse than that, though, you have a problem. Screeching or whining sounds are particularly alarming. These can indicate that a belt is failing or that the motor is going out. Grinding or knocking noises typically indicate a problem in the blower motor. It could be something loose, or it could mean that the bearings in the fan have failed. Have strange noises checked out immediately; they almost always indicate a problem.

Pilot light issues

For a gas furnace, you must keep a close eye on the pilot light. You don't want to chance a fire or a gas leak in your home. A pilot light should always burn steady with a blue flame. A flame that flickers or burns another color, like yellow, is a major sign of trouble. There could be a problem with the gas flow due to clogged lines or an obstruction at the point of lighting. Issues with the furnace burner and igniter could also be the cause. Turn off the furnace until you can have the problem checked by a technician.

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