3 Maintenance Tips To Ensure Your Air Conditioner Works Properly

Even if you aren't handy in the least or you don't know anything about how your HVAC system works, you should know how to maintain your air conditioning system. Failing to maintain your system could result in a breakdown of your unit and leave you without any cool air. To help prevent an issue with your system, you should be aware of what maintenance tasks you should be doing. Read on for a few of these tasks.

1. Make Sure Your Unit Is Clean

The exterior unit outside of your home needs to be kept clean. If it isn't, it may cause your system to take a turn for the worse and stop working altogether. Remove the housing on your air conditioner and spray it down using a garden hose. Spray the housing as well to clean the vents on it. Spray the interior of your unit to remove built-up debris on the fins and inside the unit as well. Once it's clean, your unit should run better without any sluggishness.

2. Make Sure The Condensate Drain Is Clean

If the condensate drain isn't kept clean, it is going to cause a blockage in the drain, it can overflow into your ductwork and into your furnace. This can lead to a problem for your entire HVAC system. Your furnace could be affected, your air conditioner may not run properly, and you may end up with rust in your ductwork or a dripping noise in your home. The condensate drain can get clogged if you aren't changing your air filter often enough. The dander and dust can end up in the condensate drain. Clean the drain with a hose brush and make sure you are changing your air filter in your system at least once per month.

3. Make Sure Your Unit Isn't Damaged

If your unit is damaged in any way, it will start to cause issues. If the insulation around your refrigerant line is damaged, you need to replace it. If the fins on your unit are all bent, you can attempt to bend the fins back into place. If the fins aren't able to allow air into the unit and you cannot bend the fins back into place, a new unit should be installed by a professional HVAC company.

If you have aren't maintaining your air conditioner, you need to start. Call a professional AC services company for help with these and other maintenance tasks to ensure your system runs smoothly.

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