How Do I Know If My Ductwork Is Damaged?

If the air conditioning unit is the heart of your home's cooling center, then the ductwork is the veins delivering much needed oxygen to every part of your house. Over time however, it can become damaged and inefficient, leaving you with a mess on your hands.

Unfortunately, unlike your AC unit, uncovering broken ductwork is not nearly as easy; because of that, HVAC companies are less likely to receive a call to schedule air conditioning repair for work on the air ducts. If you know what you're looking for though, you can easily spot potential trouble areas and get it fixed as soon as possible, saving yourself a ton of headaches and money later.

Higher Energy Bills

The first sign that something is wrong with your ductwork is higher energy bills. Normally, this is a sign that your unit is overworked and in need of air conditioning repair, but if you've ruled out that potential problem and are still experiencing high energy costs, have the technician check out the ductwork. Most HVAC companies offer duct maintenance as part of their list of air conditioning services, but make sure they check especially for leaks around the connection points and dust that has collected on the inside of the pipes.

Inconsistent Room Temperature

If something was wrong with your AC unit, you would most likely experience either no cold air no air at all in every room of your house. If you've noticed that some rooms are cooler than others though, there might be a problem with the ductwork over those specific rooms. It's a good idea to get it fixed and patched so that you can make sure your unit isn't working too hard to spread cold air to rooms that should already have properly working vents in them.

Loud Airflow

Air conditioning systems are mostly silent, so a sound usually indicates that something is wrong. While popping and screeching sounds can be indicative of problems with the unit, loud airflow throughout your house can be caused by improperly sized ductwork. Not only is the sound annoying, but you'll also notice your energy bill increasing as well, so make sure you call an HVAC company to schedule AC repair as soon as you can. Failure to have it fixed can also result in a full failure of your air conditioning unit, which is substantially more expensive than simply replacing a few broken vents.

Reach out to a professional who provides air conditioning repair to learn more.

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