Should I Work On My Furnace Myself?

Most homeowners love the experience of working on things around the house, whether that's out of a sense of pride in their home or out of a desire to save money. But while some things can be taken care of with a little bit of elbow grease and a few tools from your local hardware store, working on your furnace is a completely separate matter. Heating service is something you should always leave to your local HVAC company, for the reasons outlined below.

It's Cheaper

When you consider the costs of buying specialized tools to work on your furnace, the time spent to service your unit, and the cost of new parts that need to be acquired, the actual cost of working on your furnace can be substantial. When you take into account the possibility that your repairs could actually make the problem worse and necessitate professional heating services to fix the initial problem and the extra damage that was done, it makes more financial sense to simply let a professional do it in the first place.

It's Safer

If for no other reason on this list, heating system service should be something that is handled by a professional simply because it can be dangerous to do so without proper experience and tools. Whether it's simply accessing your furnace in the first place, or trying to get into the unit to work on something like the motor or fan belt, you need to know exactly what you're doing before you start working on a furnace. Moreover, if your unit is powered by gas, it may actually be illegal for you to work on the unit yourself since gas lines require certain permits and licenses to be worked on in most municipalities.

It's More Efficient

Heating systems are remarkably complex and require a certain amount of technical knowledge to be worked on. While you may succeed in getting the initial problem fixed, there are countless stories of homeowners who have caused larger issues down the road because of their own DIY attempt at heating system service. Furthermore, with today's energy-efficient units, even the slightest tweak to the operation of the system can cause it to run inefficiently and drive up utility costs. If you want your home's heating system to run efficiently, you should always have the unit worked on by a professional HVAC technician.

For more information about heating system service, contact a local HVAC technician.

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